From our friends and satisfied customers…

I had a mind-altering experience. Marsha D

“There is no better way I could have spent my weekend or my money.”  David W.

“Jack, Kelly, Donna, and all those I have come to know and love
at Wattle Hollow are such an inspiration to me! [My wife] tells people
that my experiences at this retreat have been life changing for me.
I am truly grateful!” Charlie W

…what a lovely community and what an amazing setting…
whether it was some new tools, listening to creative voices, 
interaction, a kind smile, wonderful food or just a sense of connectivity — it was great!!!!! Lori H

Sarah and I also both had an amazing experience last weekend. Dales S

…yet another fantastic experience! John G

“Still getting my head around a different view of the world…bigger, sweeter, deeper, funnier, friendlier, and more musical than I dreamed…..You people are crazy. In the best possible way.” Pam P

“This was an amazing gathering and so full of positive energy and inspiration…And thanks to all the attendees who provided a safe and supportive place for us all to try new things with the knowledge that you were all right there with us.” Steve K

With all the unsolvable problems I have, no one told me about the singing tree? Lauren H

Seems like I can still see every nook and cranny I explored and experienced at Wattle…You all are a hoot and so gifted. Did I mention emotive? I loved how so many hearts were just open and right there to feel as your truth flowed around the room. Dick D

…wholesome, supportive, nourishing nest…Thank you all for your open-hearted presence.
Wattle really does feel like family. Sally S

Your deep listening was transformative to me…I did not feel after that as if writing songs was work, but I felt something open in me so that I was not pushing myself to do it.  It started flowing…Win G

I have grown there over the years and made memories that can’t be replaced.  When I think back about the beginning of Wattle and the love and care that comes from every retreat I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Tami W

“You’ve created something really great, making a safe place for people to bring their magnificent doofus selves out into the open to learn, grow and have fun. Beautiful.”   Willie C.

“…that magical place where risk is safety. Where new friends become new songs in my heart.” Sparky

“I learned so much…regarding the music business, playing the guitar, making music, having fun making music, and best of all – I got to sing some good old rock and roll…”   Buddy L

“…an opportunity for huge learning in this intentional environment of non-perfection.”  Willie C

“The landscape, the dwellings, the meals, and the company are all magical. Whether you’re a ‘maybe I might write a song before I die’ type or someone with multiple CDs to your credit, there’s a rich feast for everyone here!”  Cindi M.

“Thanks for every kind of musical encouragement for the novice. I got my money’s worth”  Laura C.

“Good times, good company, good music…and in such a beautiful location…surely one of the nation’s best kept secrets  Worth every last driving mile!”  Steve G.

“Jack and Kelly and Donna are a great mix of musical styles and positive attitudes…
…a holistic experience that should speak to anyone at any level of skill at singing and playing.”  Gregg M.