“…Perhaps even more exciting than seeing Bob Dylan, though, was the reaction that Jack Williams got. ..He practically blew the top off the tent! Man, oh man, can that guy play guitar! He completely overshadowed more well-known performers…They were wonderful, but Jack Williams was playing in an entirely different league. I was astounded by how good he is.”
Mark Cashman, upon hearing Jack for the first time at the Newport Folk Festival.

“It’s been said already, but I’ll say it again: Jack Williams is a national treasure. When it comes to pulling the worlds of blues, country, rock and roll and jazz together on an acoustic guitar, I’ve never heard his equal.”
Luke Torn, The Washington Post

“…. his artistry… is nothing short of amazing. Dazzling picking, expressive voice, unique and interesting songs. He is a showman in the best sense of the word and just wowed our audience. I think they would have followed him anywhere.”
Rich Warren, WFMT “Midnight Special”, Chicago IL

“…like a South Carolina version of an acoustic Bruce Springsteen with Jerry Garcia on acoustic lead guitar.”
Mike Agranoff – Folk Project and Minstrel Coffeehouse, Morristown NJ

“Jack Williams is one of the most eclectic singer songwriters going. You can hear both the white and black musical traditions in his writing. You can hear country, you can hear blues, you can hear jazz. He’s a poet who knows how to write simply. And he’s a remarkable, magical performer, with graceful good humor, and a hot guitar style.” Phil Shapiro, host, WVBR’s “Bound for Glory”

“…one of my all-time favorite pickers.”
Tom Paxton

“Jack is the best guitar-player I’ve ever heard.”
Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary)

“…Jack can wring notes from a fingerboard like common people wring water from a sponge, and while that is a feat in itself, that isn’t why I go see him… what gets me is the unique voice that spans the 20th century and the North American Continent in addition to multiple genres. His music has been slow cooked for 70 years and that richness is just not available in commercial music. You should see him when he comes to your town.”
Michael Wehling, a fan

“…..fearless singer, inventive storyteller, forceful-yet-delicate guitarist, and near-legendary status as a modern-times troubadour…. precisely what kept him relevant to at least three generations of loyal fans.”
Keith Harrelson – Moonlight On the Mountain, Birmingham AL

If there is anyone not familiar with Jack’s incredible songwriting and prodigious performance skills, my sympathies to you. A Jack Williams show is a slam-dunk win-win-win for all. One of the most enlightened and entertaining performers I’ve ever encountered. (and a nice guy, too!)
Dave Humphreys, Two Way Street Coffee House, Downers Grove IL

“…an American Treasure” Mickey Newbury

“…one of the strongest guitar players in contemporary folk.”
Sing Out! Magazine