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I first heard Jack Williams at The Rock House, an intimate house concert. Even though he was hoarse, and could barely sing,
we enjoyed the concert immensely along with his stories and anecdotes.
I am glad for the opportunity to support such a talented artist, and hope to see him perform again some day. - Susan, a Patron

Become a Patron of the Arts for as little as $1

is a way for you to financially support artists you love with small contributions.

You choose how much or how little to donate, and you can stop your contribution at any time.
With your help, your artist will be able to continue doing
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As a bonus, many artists create special works exclusively for patrons

Patrons are people who have realized that music and art add value to their lives, and are willing to support it. Historically, patrons have been wealthy fans who gave a lot of money, sometimes enough to have the symphony hall named after them.

Patreon offers a way for my fans to become patrons for as little as $1 to $5 a month.

Patreon is a melding of the old system of patronage, from back in the time
of the classical composers,
with the new internet crowd sourcing, like Kickstarter. The difference is, instead of one rich patron supporting an artist,
or making one large contribution to a specific project,
many patrons each contribute a small amount.
Those dollars add up and enable an artist to continue creating.
Most Patreon contributions are between $1 and $5!
It's easy to do! Just go to Jack's page on Patreon and follow the easy directions
to set up your account and decide how much you want to contribute.
In addition to posting monthly videos for patrons:

videos of new songs
old songs with their stories
interesting places and people we see along the road

- we're offering special gifts for signing up:

concert tickets
music lessons
even a FREE house concert!

So, check it out and see if you want to join us at Patreon.
If you decide this isn't for you, that's fine, you'll still get to hear Jack at local venues,
on his CDs and on the radio. We still consider you our patron and appreciate your
attendance at concerts and purchases of CDs.
We'll still love you!