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Bound For Glory Plaque


This year's Best of Bound for Glory winner joins the illustrious ranks of Bill Staines, Garnet Rogers, Le Vent du Nord, Chris Smither, Y*ALL, Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, Tanglefoot, Mustard's Retreat, and Small Potatoes. Taken together the winners highlight the quality and diversity of top notch performers on the folk music scene.


Between sets of the October 19th live broadcast of WVBR's Bound For Glory, host and founder Phil Shapiro announced that the excellent Southern singer, songwriter, and guitarist JACK WILLIAMS has won the Tenth Annual Best of Bound for Glory Award. The award recognizes fans' favorite from the recently concluded 41st season of this Sunday night Ithaca, NY staple. Bound for Glory is North America's longest running live folk concert broadcast. It is broadcast live on WVBR-FM 93.5 and 105.5, on line at http://wvbr.com .

The Friends of Bound for Glory have honored a newcomer to Ithaca this year. Jack Williams' first and only trip to Ithaca was his Bound for Glory performance of last May. Williams hails from West Fork, Arkansas, and most frequently travels the Southern and Western states, with only an occasional foray into the Northeast. But his reputation travels before him.

Host Phil Shapiro says "Jack Williams is one of the most eclectic singer songwriters going. You can hear both the white and black musical traditions in his writing. You can hear country, you can hear blues, you can hear jazz. He's a poet who knows how to write simply. And he's a remarkable, magical performer, with graceful good humor, and a hot guitar style.

I wanted to get Jack Williams on the Bound for Glory show for several years. I'd ask other folk music presenters the question 'Who's Good?', and it was amazing how many times Jack Williams' name came up. So I got ahold of some of his music, and, you know, they're right."

Shapiro caught Williams at home in rural Arkansas, on a rare quiet day, right before his departure for a long tour to the Pacific coast and back. When told that he had won the Best of Bound for Glory award, he said that he was glad he hadn't known that he was in a contest. "Well, I'm thrilled. That's just great", he said. "I'm so glad they enjoyed the music that much."

When told about the voting, and that the winners of the Best of Bound for Glory award read like a Who's Who of the North American folk music world, Williams added "Well, I've seen who has played for you in the past and I'm thrilled to be in that company."

He also offered "I've come away telling people about your show, and tell 'em they should at least seek you out somewhere, whether it's internet radio or in person."

Jack Williams' musical career dates to the 1950's, when he played in both jazz and rock bands. His career as a folk singer-songwriter slowly took over, and he has been touring ever since. He is especially fond of doing House Concerts, playing up close and personal in someone's living room to a gathering of friends.
Shapiro added that "we do 33 live folk concert broadcasts every year. This year, 26 of the 33 shows got votes for the Best of Bound for Glory award. I think that means that we're doing something right. The members of the Friends of Bound for Glory have excellent taste. Every one of the 10 award winners is just remarkable."

Phil Shapiro brought the concept of a live folk concert broadcast with him when he moved to Ithaca in 1967, putting folk and acoustic musicians on the air almost immediately. The format, a folk concert in three sets with a live audience held on 33 Sundays every year, has been creating magic well into it's 42nd year. These concerts have featured some of the most renowned voices in American, Canadian, and European folk music.

For more information about the Best of Bound for Glory award, the Friends of Bound for Glory, or other upcoming Bound for Glory events view their web site at wvbr.com, email bfg@wvbr.com, or phone Phil Shapiro at 607-844-4535. For more information about Jack Williams, visit www.jackwilliamsmusic.com